In a nutshell Gabel is passion for home and oneself,
the desire and need to recreate our environment into art. And it is from this need Gabel rises like a beacon, a partner enabling you to decorate and enhance your living spaces with not just beauty and color but comfort and vitality.

Born in the early 60’s, Gabel stays true to its Italian roots in its vibrant designs and love for home. Preciously attentive to aesthetics and environmental friendliness, Gabel maintains the entire production chain: from the clean energy produced by hydro-electric power-plants to the finished product in Italy granting them the prestigious Oekotex certification. Gabel, based completely in Italy,is one of the few solely using sustainable energy for all production plants, offices and stores.The piercing focus on quality and style from choice of 100% safe raw materials to creative collaborations is what sets apart Gabel from other run of the mill textile manufacturers.

Its absolute organic collection like Naturae, the dedicated children’s section of Trudi, the fun and quirky world of mix and match via Di Piu or bringing the world and beyond to you through Planet, you cannot go wrong with Gabel.

Experience an extraordinary and incredible transformation of your home with Gabel décor. From classy and sober undertones like rich browns and pure whites to bright summery colors like bright reds, blues, greens and yellows, Gabel has it all. Gabel’s amazing range of colors is not its only attraction. Its variety of products like bath and hand towels, bathrobes, bed sheets, table cloths, place mats, oven mitts, and many more add to its appeal. Elegance, versatility and glamour are the basis of their products.

So get ready for some guilt free shopping and visit Gabel, our exclusive, Italian home linen brand at the first floor of Panorama Mall and experience colors and fusion like never before!For further information about Gabel visit the official