Are diamonds really a girl’s best friend?
We think not! Make up is! The most important part of any woman’s purse is her cosmetics. Keenwell houses one of the most exclusive and comprehensive variety of cosmetics, facial treatments, and skin and body care products in Oman. This Spanish brand allied with science and luxury, doesn’t compromise on its quality and caters to all skin types.

KEENWELL was founded in Barcelona 1975, and has since become a pioneer in professional cosmetics and makeup. The company grows and consolidates through collaboration with beauticians, listening to their needs, the advantages of having its own laboratory and manufactures its own products, revolutionary ideas, innovative products and unique professional treatments that made KEENWELL a household brand in many spas and aesthetics centers in over more than 60 countries.

the backbone of the brand focuses on Keenwell Professional range that propose facial and body treatments for all skin types and ages. Always consist of latest generation of active ingredients in high concentration for maximum effectiveness.

Over the years, Keenwell have aspired to excel in product quality and customer service, research and development on new formulas and products. In addition to the range of facial and body care, Keenwell also accounts on Professional Makeup line containing a wide range of colors and tones following the latest fashion trends. Masks, fixed liners, pressed powders, lipsticks in different textures, Tattoo glosses, makeup mousse, BB creams.

Keenwell’s production lines and processes cover all their range of face and body care and makeup. Theyproduce all products according to strict European laws governing the manufacture of cosmetic products including quality, formulas,packaging or labeling.

With all these wonderful things to offer you would expect Keenwell to be out of this world expensive, wouldn’t you? Well think again! Keenwell products are totally natural and surprisingly affordable. Don’t take our word for it! Visit us at Panorama Mall, Bowsher. Talk about a complete package!! For further information about Keenwell visit the official website: