Liu Jo

Having a bad day?
Having a bad day? Or just want a change of pace? Nothing helps more than shopping. In tune, with the latest fashion trends LiuJo can help make you the center of attention in any crowd. Getting the chic and sassy elite look, the fun and spunky college look or even the bold and daring biker look is just a shopping stop away!

Liu Jo’s creative philosophy is devoted to the enhancement of the natural femininity and beauty of every woman and is expressed through a style that is refined, glamorous and always open to individual interpretations. They work with energy and enthusiasm and endeavor to propose modern and attractive creations, characterized by the unmistakable Liu Jo identity i.e. a clear and identifiable stylistic trait, supported by a production standard combining the selection of the best materials and a careful and focused selection of details. They believe that guaranteeing a renewed and constantly updated range of unique clothing and accessories is paramount to unveil the constant inclination to research and quality. The design and production of each item are ensured by a co-ordinated, dynamic and ambitious team looking at the future with determination, intuition and, above all, the wish to convey the natural taste for beautiful things. Liu Jo’s project derives from a pragmatic and concrete entrepreneurial vision and is deeply rotund in the solid experience and know-how of Italy and the Carpi area. Therefore they remain loyal to their most authentic traditions, an Italian Style expressing elegance and reliability, class and seduction: to them, all this is a fundamental value as well as the symbol and goal of their work.

LiuJo aims to bring out every woman’s natural beauty by interpreting and exalting their feminine side with a glamorous, elegant, dynamic style. With this in mind, Liu Jo offers an extensive range of garments and accessories so that you can create a contemporary, seductive look every day. Liujo expresses their core values of elegance and quality in every collection, while remaining true to their pragmatic and practical business outlook based on the solid expertise and know-how characteristic of Carpi and Italy as a whole.

Liu Jo appeals to the tastes and needs of a broad spectrum of consumers. Liu Jo is an upscale and glamorous ready-to-wear clothing line for women with particular emphasis on details. The line takes inspiration from East to West in unexpected combinations of fabric, cut, color and style. From the slim and flirty silhouette of a sheer one-piece nude-colored dress paired with an asymmetrical light knit cardigan to the deconstructed jewel-toned top matched with tailored, form-fitting pants and the spiffy short camel-brown trench coat with a girly, frilled black top and ankle-length leg-hugging pants, the Liu Jo look is fashion-forward, glammed-up or dressed-down. The attractive and versatile pieces primed for fashion mash-ups embody the spirit of the Liu Jo woman: modern, spontaneous, feminine, sexy and comfortable in her own skin.

Liu Jo Accessories is a collection of small leather items, precious bijoux, dainty accessories, slim belts, corsets as well as scarves, and capes made from fine silk and soft “eco” fur, all perfect, natural complements to their clothing lines. The belts are sleek, the multi-textured bracelets are funky and the bijoux, casual couture pieces. The trend-defying accessories cater to the lifestyles and personalities of women on the go who are always looking for that extra oomph to add to their wardrobe.

Getting trend ready has never been easier. Step into our Liujo store at Panorama Mall, Bowsher to experience the true joy of shopping.