About Us

Corporate Philosophy

Our company’s motto is simply this - “to be the best we can be at everything we can do.”

Our foundational values distinguish us and guide our actions. We are relentlessly committed to strengthening our products to improve consumer satisfaction, competitive position and financial growth. Our eternally key focus is in providing consistently exceptional service, superior quality and outstanding value through all our endeavors whilst contributing to the economic growth of the country in every way we can. We believe in adapting to the ever changing needs and expectations of our client base through expansions and forays into distinctive sectors. We strive to offer an international experience within Oman to both tourists and locals alike, that not only equal but surpass the excellence of the global retail markets.


H.H. Aliya Al Said serves as the chairperson and president of various organizations. She is renowned for her business acumen and savvy, advocacy for women’s rights and her extensive work in cherished charitable organizations. She has received several noteworthy accolades for spearheading several campaigns for women wellness and rights, global business conferences and symposiums, education and training of Omani labor etc… As a passionate advocate for the economic and cultural growth of Oman, she unearthed myriad opportunities that would best serve Oman’s meteoric rise to cosmopolitanism. Having vast experience in real estate and design sectors she was able to corral exclusive and prime international brands under her brainchild Swan International for a wide array of projects

Her daughter Omaima Al Hosni, a graduate of the prestigious Design Institute in Milan and esteemed fashion designer, is the creative director and partner for the ventures and is essentially the artistic head for the Swan Design House. Partaking in Oman’s several fashion events and having earned a name for herself she is now further expanding into the luxury lifestyle business. Her keen eye for designer trends and ardent passion for fashion and its many hued lifestyle branches including accessories and cosmetics have been pivotal in the expansion of Swan International

With the inclusion of son Hamed Al Hosni, a graduate of Business Management from California with an avid passion for business and a unique vision, especially relating to construction and service industry related projects propelled Swan to embrace innovative and unique ventures. His natural flair and burning drive to excel actuated some of our more daring and ambitious projects.

The dynamic and talented trio has put into motion several plans to further enrich and bolster the business profile including franchises, tie-ups with unique spa systems and an international training institute focused on Art and Design related subjects.