Founded in 1978 and part of the Max Mara group, PENNYBLACK's distinguishing traits are good value for money and totally satisfies the needs of today's outgoing and self confident woman, who is seeking a sophisticated but easy-to-wear style, and Is looking for high quality fabrics and accurate finishing.  The Collections are designed by a group of innovative young designers from all around the world, confirming that the company pays attention to the new and most interesting emerging fashion scene.

Pennyblack is a brand deeply rooted in the fashion heritage tradition and taste that are quintessential of the Italian style. We make clothes inspired by the idea of creating a contemporary wardrobe for women that want to feel and look great regardless of their age and lifestyle. Each style has a unique design and it’s made with exclusive and refined fabrics. The care and accuracy of details continue to update the collections.

Pennyblack took its name from the first British postal stamp to hit the world. Founded in 1978 inside the Max Mara Fashion Group, it was inspired by the true British lifestyle and the need for a casual clothing collection and easy-to-wear items. With its three labels Pennyblack is a real lifestyle choice for today’s woman. An up-to-date and easy wardrobe that can instantly be adapted for any time of day: from a day at the office to the most glamorous party.
Black Label for daily wear & accessories
Grey Label for weekends
Pink Label for special occasions

Pennyblack collection offers a complete wardrobe made in a rich selections of fabrics, colors and patterns. We are especially recognized for our fine outerwear, rich knitwear, comfortable separates and up to date accessories. Pennyblack stores are open in the most important fashion capitals: Milan, Rome, Berlin, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Moscow and Tel Aviv. The collection is distributed worldwide in 5 continents, with more than 1000 clients.