In 1911, Dante Trussardi launched a leather glove making business for WW2 soldiers. This glove factory became a historic example of the company’s dedication and ambition: the creativity of Trussardi Group, which has reinvented and refortified itself over the last century, expresses a visionary world of restrained elegance, attention to detail, sobriety, and allure.

They started with goods such as wallets, suitcases, belts and shoes. After much diversification and becoming a full headed company, in 1983-1984 Trussardi launched their Uomo and Donna line with dedicated apparels for Men and Women respectively. Through the involvement and the collaboration of some of the most talented voices of today's world, Trussardi has been committed to the themes of innovation, sustainability and environmental awareness, Trussardi Group embodies the past and the future of Italian excellence in fashion, design and cuisine.

Over the decades, Trussardi has consistently anticipated trends that would later – sometimes much later – become a constant feature of the industry, such as a unique and unifying logo, the flagship store concept, fashion shows open to the general public, diversification into other fields such as industrial design, the arts and entertainment, and environmental sensitivity.Trussardi Group still preserves the values of a family business, though expanded to accommodate the pace and lifestyle of our times: the fourth generation of the family now holds the reins of the company, turning its orientation as a lifestyle brand into a daily quest to represent the very essence of all-Italian quality.

In a way, Trussardi's fashion style reflects its family traditions, based on solidity and values. All in all, the Trussardi story is one of constant, pioneering innovation. One characteristic feature in which Trussardi have remained inextricably linked to the past is delocalization, or rather the lack of it. Trussardi products are 100% made in Italy.

Swan International brings this part of fashion history into Oman, making a history of its own. Opening both, Trussardi Donna and Trussardi Uomo in Ground floor, Panorama Mall, Bowsher; for Oman’s fashionistas, Swan International has yet again blown the minds of Oman’s fashion elitists.