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Swan international is proud to confirm that they will be unfurling 3 new stores this year

Swan international is proud to confirm that they will be unfurling 3 new stores this year. Trussardi an Italian fashion house founded in 1911, is one of the major brands Swan will launch within August-September. Being the mainline collection of the fashion house, which releases ready-to-wear line and couture collections in addition to products including perfumes and jeans, Trussardi designs clothing for both men and women and strive to deliver the best quality leather accessories and an upbeat and trending fashion line. Also Swan is extending their already successful line of LiuJo fashion and will soon bring to the Omani market the Men fashion brand-LiuJo Uomo.

Swan International does not stop there and are promising their ever growing customers are range of new outlets and products to look forward to like ice cream, Lingerie, Home-ware and Home d├ęcor.

Swan International announces the opening of a new branch office in Panorama Mall. This project is already in the pipelines and will be the new nerve center for the ever growing organization.

Swan International is now expanding its retail shops to the new Palm Mall at Mabella. Existing brands like Furla and Zarin will be a part of this expansion along with new major brands. This partnership is hoping to generate a lot of buzz and revenues for both parties.

Swan International is always dedicated to giving its customers the best of all worlds, be it introducing new brands or providing them with great offers and sales. Swan has done exceptionally well since their arrival into the Omani Market and have now announced that they are planning to put a Fashion Show for their ever growing customers. This news has generated a lot of excitement among the customers, who are eagerly waiting for the next big thing Swan International will bring their way!!!